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eTOD : electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data

The ICAO Annex 15 directs aerodrome operators to provide terrain and obstacle information in eTOD covering Areas 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the State territory for optimal aviation safety.

The R&D team of ADL is in constant endeavour to design comprehensive solutions for the integration and maintenance of accurate and reliable eTOD data.

ADL also carries out seamless digital transition of eTOD and eAIP database to AIS and AIM in ICAO recommended AIXM 5.1 format for use by aerodrome operators and other stakeholders for management and control of obstacles.


OLS : Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Survey

Regulation in ICAO Annex 14 strongly recommends constant monitoring of aerodromes and it's surrounding areas to prevent infringement of the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) around it, thereby ensuring aviation safety.

Providing the latest technology using state of the art instruments for accurate data collection in this domain is one of the distinguishing features of ADL services.

It is not surprising that a plentitude of airport operators, airspace users, construction companies and similar stakeholders across the globe have availed of the ADL-OLS services with absolute trust and total satisfaction.


NOC : No Objection Certificate

The demand for high rise construction around airports is a constant that directly equates into a perennial challenge for the obstacle control unit and the airport operator who carry the primary responsibility of Aerodrome Safeguarding and Obstacle mitigation and regulation.

Every proposed construction needs to be granted permission pertaining to its location and elevation. In this regard, the data originator plays a pivotal role in procuring accurate data using the appropriate AGM model and providing it in WGS84 format.

ADL, through it's specialized products and services that ensure seamless integration of the terrestrial survey and data dissemination via dedicated online software platform, has fulfilled data requirements for more than 500 construction proposals.


eAIP : electronic Aeronautical Information Publication

Using the ICAO Aeronautical safety initiatives as guide, ADL has developed a fully responsive web based application which empowers all the stakeholders of the Aviation industry to access the Aeronautical Information Publication digitally.

The ADL- eAIP is designed to furnish all the obligatory ICAO Publication Templates in tandem with those of the respective State by automatically extracting the required information from existing soft formats and delivering it in different globally accepted formats such as HTML, PDF, AIXM and XML.

In addition to the above, ADL - eAIP also provides AIP supplements and amendments, non ICAO Publications and AICs making it an all inclusive AIP related application.



The ADL Integrated Aeronautical Information Database, the quintessential component of the ADL AIM suite of services, provides a complete solution for intelligent Data Management, regular Data Updation, unmanipulated Data Traceability and seamless Data Derivation.

ADL IAIDb's dynamic nature allows for publishing of time stamped and latest datasets in the form of any Aeronautical Product in the chosen format along with relevant documents, SOPs and guidance material simultaneously maintaining user logs to ensure data integrity through easy traceability.

Apart from fulfilling ICAO Aeronautical Data Quality standards and System Wide Information Management(SWIM) compliance, ADL IAIDb is also equipped to provide customized solutions and extended services as per user requirements.


AIXM : Aeronautical Information Exchange Model

After the assessment and assimilation of complex aeronautical information, the next step is to convert it into a globally recognised digital format for further usability using Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) with the view of integraiton with the SWIM environment.

ADL-AIXM 5.1 is a part of a suite of technology applications, proficient in converting National Aeronautical Data with total compliance with the respective ICAO mandate and also facilitates migration of eTOD and AMDB database to AIXM.

ADL-AIXM technology and procedures also ensure high quality data that is devoid of manipulation and at the same time cost effective too.


NOC : No Objection Certificate

The process of granting permission concerning Aerodrome Safeguarding from Obstacle Management perspective, for construction or installation near an airport is based on a zone map that is prepared taking into account AGA Surfaces, NAV Aids and Procedures in Place.

ADL has developed a seamless digital solution through a unique cloud based software with a workflow based on the principles of Data Originator, Checker and Validator ensuring highest analysis accuracy. This software integrates application filing, automated verification from all aspects and issuing Height Clearance Certificate providing an automatic process for all stakeholders.

Key features of the software application include : Multi RWY configuration | Configurable to individual airport or CAA rules | Software As a Service | Cloud based platform.


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