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ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization has taken the initiative of 'No Country Left Behind' with the thought of getting all stakeholders in the aviation sector on a single platform, thereby providing safe and reliable air transport. In the 'Going Digital' phase, various milestones within the ASBU block upgrades need to be achieved such as Runway Safety, PBN (Performance Based Navigation). All member states of ICAO will have to comply with these regulations in a phased and planned manner. ASBU initiative will deliver its intended result only if reliable technology roadmaps are developed, validated and implemented at the right time and in right manner. All stakeholders involved in the worldwide ATM modernization should align their activities and planning to the respective Block upgrades.

Aeronautical Design Labs (ADL) has developed a suite of technology products that will help all member states in the implementation of these ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). With a unique set of resources having global experience right from framing these standards to putting up the ICAO compliant systems in place, ADL leverages its expertise to address the challenges faced during implementation of these ICAO initiatives. We at ADL believe in working with our clients as a team to overcome these challenges and support our clients during this transformation till the systems are self-reliant.