Consulting Services

Consulting Services:

Any Heliport or Aerodrome needs to address regulatory compliances designed by Civil Aviation Authorities. Apart from Civil Aviation Department, other ministry clearances are required such as: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Environment, Local Municipal Council etc. All these compliances are based on the ICAO framework, annexures and ICAO CARs. Mandatory compliance of the above regulations needs a specialized knowledge in order to make the process smooth and accurate.

ADL provides the following consulting services:

  • Green field Aerodrome Planning & Design
  • Green field Heliport Planning & Design
  • Aerodrome Licensing
  • Heliport Licensing


Be it Aerodrome or Heliport Design, Planning, and/or Licensing; ADL provides an end to end walk through in the whole process. ADL is the only singular agency that provides a single point for all kind of surveys and licensing for Aerodromes and Heliports

Following are the key areas of specialization regarding heliports:

  • Green field feasibility studies
  • Site selection
  • OLS Survey
  • Site approval procedures
  • Development of SOPs
  • Development of SMS
  • Licensing